Sep 27, 2003
This is The First

Well isn't this nice? A place i can finally rant about the crap i hate most! YAY! please feel free to leave any comments You wish (as long as they either: 1:Make Fun Of EMO PUNK or GARAGE ROCK (ex: Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Billy Talent, The White Stripes, Hot Hot Heat) that kinda crap! 2: Dont leave me any negitive email's or i will be forced to not like You anymore, and i hate not liking ppl!) Because that music has no talent,it just really SUCKS and its ANNOYING! i mean i get sick of hearing about a guys Brand New girlfriend breaking up with him over some Bandages while a 7 Nation Army Trys Honesty, meanwhile another couple is having a burger At The Drive In when all of the sudden they begin to find Understanding In A Car Crash after finding The Taste Of Ink in their food, causing them to crash The Used honda they were driving into a tree! I mean come on! That crap is stupid! Im getting sick of these kind of bands, its time for a change. its tyme for real rock and metal to stand out and take its rightful place. Linger and End The Fall, 2 great bands that i have the pleasure of knowing, are trying to bring ROCK back! ROCK LIVES ON!!!!!!!

Posted at 03:04 am by metal_rocker24
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This is weird for me. This stuff is new but oh well, whats up yall! The name is Cody (thats CO-DEE), im a good ol' southern boy (Im from Georgia) and the hobbies of a southern boy like me? guitar, computers and girls!


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Right now I like really really need a band, if ya live in Ga, and play guitar, bass or sing EMAIL ME or IM ME, but if You play, like, or listen to EMOGarage music Puff off! I hate that CRAP!!!!!!!! Oh and Brandon if your reading this, and if i find out what im pretty sure is true, Your going to have one big problem You Queer EMO Fruitcake!

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